9 Video Sites to Upload Video

Video is great for getting your message across, whether it is a sales message, a tutorial, a movie trailer etc. The new media revolution has seen online video take centre stage.

Here are 9 great video sites for hosting your video content.

1) YouTube

The world’s premier video site – untouchable in terms of traffic and popularity. Recognised globally as the video site of choice. Millions of videos are uploaded each week onto the site and there is no sign of this slowing down. Expect massive traffic from YouTube if you host a video that has valuable content.

2) Flickr

You may be thinking this site is just for photos, well think again. You can now post video to the site also, although only 90 seconds worth. This could be enough for a sales message as people don’t always want to watch a video that goes on and on. As a basic member you can post 2 videos a month. Pro members get to post unlimited videos each month. The beauty of this site is that it has a huge subscriber base and you will be able to take advantage of all that potential traffic.

3) Vimeo

Vimeo tends to house more creative style videos and can be seen as a kind of arty video site. You won’t find many wedding, baby or dog type videos on here. Vimeo allows you to share your video to groups or channels. Another great feature is a video school that helps you to create better videos. A basic member has a weekly upload capacity set at 500mbs, but a pro account will be higher at 5gbs and unlimited HD uploads.

4) Blip.tv

This site tends to prefer video in episode type format and encourages people to post regularly. Content must be of a high standard. Blip distributes through the major video platforms such as YouTube so you will have little trouble maximizing exposure. The site will support uploads of 1gb and a pro account will offer even more features. You are also able to sign up for an advertising account and the revenue is split 50/50. You can use the dashboard to plan out your web series as well as use analytics.

5) Veoh

What’s great about this site is that the video you upload can be of any size. Short clips as well as full length movies are common here. Because of the unrestricted video size, this site has attracted many great quality films and clips. The interface is also clever enough to make uploading a video a joy. If you don’t want video size restrictions then Veoh could be the video site for you.

6) DailyMotion

Videos of different lengths, organised by category are popular here. You will find a lot of amateur material, but the site generally is heavy on the promotion of professional quality video. The site is community based and you are encouraged to add others to your contacts and supply feedback. Video storage capacity is limited to less than 150 mb and clips should be less than 20 mins each. High definition video is only available to pro accounts.

7) Viddler

This site is more suited to business and companies. There is not so much in the way of amateur looking content here. You are allowed to distribute videos to iTunes, use analytics, customize the video player as well as add comments to videos. There is even an ad network that enables you to monetize your video.

8) Metacafe

Founded in 2002 in Tel Aviv, this site focuses on short form entertainment and gets more than 40 million unique viewers each month. It has exclusive technology that helps it expose the most entertaining content. Also it rewards the creators of video for their best work.

9) yFrog

You may be familiar with this site for its photo sharing facilities for Twitter, but did you know it also supports video? It allows you to upload a video and post to Twitter all from the same place. yFrog is really a site that blends well with social media so your video stands a good chance of mass exposure.